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"Be Wise - Helping You Achieve
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Our Online Membership option was created to support our existing clients, to help build a community of Y's Weight Lifestyle Members and to provide an opportunity for people who did not have a practice near them, to participate in the some elements of our programme.

We have been working here to develop this opportunity further, and we now have the ability to offer to our members a 'distance' Y's Weight Package. If you are unable to travel to a local Y's Weight Practice, we can now offer a telephone coaching programme with complete support materials. For further details please contact us on 0800 781 6834.

One of the advantages of being an on-line member of Y’s Weight, is your access to Debbie Baxter, our nutritionist.

Debbie Baxter is a fully trained ‘modern cuisine’ chef. Gaining experience at renowned establishments such a ‘The Savoy’, ‘The Waterside Inn’- Micheal Roux, ‘Le Manoir Quat Saison’- Raymond Blanc, ‘Patisserie Grandin’- Paris- and much more. She graduated in Nutrition in 1998 and has a wealth of experience in supporting people to improve their diet and health. Regularly referred to by GP Doctor, Chiropractor and Dentist she works with great success at motivating and inspiring people to get the best results without fad diets.

One of Debbie’s greatest passions is the state of the health of our children. For people in the Hertfordshire area, Debbie is able to see people on a one to one basis and she also runs a number of workshops, inspiring parents to cook healthy meals for their family. Debbie can be contacted on 01992 581 475

For your personal assessment, fill in our on-line questionnaire and Debbie will get back to you with a summary of your nutritional needs.

Our membership programme is all about
supporting you to achieve your
weight management goals

As a Y’s Weight member you’ll have access to loads of great information and useful ideas to help you continue to develop your interest in healthy living so you can thoroughly enjoy your new, slim and confident self!

Here’s a brief review of the information available on each page…

Nutritional ProfileThis is a FREE service for our members. Simply answer the questions and we'll email to you your very own, personalised nutritional profile.

Recipe Club – Don’t get stuck making the same old meals every week. Check this page out for loads of great ideas. You can even see some photo’s of my cooking!
Get Motivated – Hints and tips from health and fitness experts
Exercise Tips – Full of ideas to help you increase your activity levels

Real Life Stories – Read about the Y’s Weight experience from the point of view of other members and consultants

Healthy News – stay up-to-date and in the know. This is a round up of all the key health related new items So, thanks for becoming a Y’s Weight member. I do hope you enjoy the site and you find it useful in helping you to achieve your goals,

To your success,
Best wishes,

Elaine Gold, CEO Y’s Weight
October 2005

P.S… For those of you who are seeking a local Y’s Weight Practice, we hope that you will find this site gives you an idea of the full support you will receive on a Y’s Weight programme. We are actively seeking to expand our network of Y’s Weight practices, and would be delighted to hear from anyone in your area who is interested in joining us in our goal of helping others achieve freedom from diets forever! For further details please contact me on 0800 781 6834 or email me at info@freedomfromdietsforever.com

P.P.S… Make sure you let us know how you’re getting on. You can email me with your comments as info@freedomfromdietsforever.com or simply fill in the comments form on the website – Thanks

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